Our story starts in a country far away from here – Uganda, East Africa. In 1972 under the dictatorship of Idi Amin, we were expelled from our home and became refugees overnight. A new start ahead, with only flip-flops on-foot, we took a long flight to a new country and very different place. With only our values, determination, and zeal for life, we began to rebuild our lives, making Canada our new home.
Diana came into our lives over 25 years ago. She was a kind soul to our family – embodying our love for food and people. Diana provided us with an opportunity to embrace all that we were and all that we would become over time.

Diana has seen various transformations which mirror the changes in our family, the local city of Guelph, as well as the evolving Canadian culture. From breakfast and homemade pies to award winning ethnic cuisine, we have all belonged to the story of Diana. We strive to combine the elements from Diana’s beginnings with all that Diana Downtown is today- hearty comfort food inspired by a far away land and prepared with love.
It is not only our food and drink that makes us unique. You will see, taste and feel what makes us special. The people at Diana Downtown; from our guests, to our team also play a role in creating our atmosphere and identity. As you look around you will see the real Canada in all its’ diversity. Our style and values are not only reflected in the artwork and music which decorate our space but they are represented by our staff and our Diana family.
Diana is a place of stories and happy moments. Over the years we have changed together and shared in good times, laughter, and joy. All of this experience has helped Diana Downtown grow and mature into an accomplished establishment.
So we welcome you to be a part of our story, to share and be a part of Diana Downtown – a place that continues to live for celebrations, family and friendships, and of course for the love of food.
Diana Downtown Management

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Daily Specials

  • Monday & Tuesday : $11 Traditional Thali -> Two daily curries with basmati rice, naan, daal and raita.
  • Wednesday -> 2 Can Dine for $25 Free Appetizers to start
  • Thursday -> Date Night @ Diana Downtown -> PRIX FIXE MENU 3 COURSE DINNER $50
  • Saturday & sunday -> Weekend Brunch